MQD Insight

For people who want to see results.

MQD Insight is an intuitive point-and-click interface for exploring and visualising key market quality metrics. It provides the power and flexibility to let you compare markets, analyse trends, build event studies and complete pilot research in minutes. As a result, you can make decisions based on evidence, not instinct.

Professional team using MQD Insight

The competitive edge

Stay ahead with access to the most up-to-date low- and high-frequency data from key markets around the world. Know your market inside out in a few clicks.

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In-depth financial data analytics

In-depth analytics

Perform the most advanced event study analysis through multiple markets using a variety of filters and options.

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Customise your own metrics

Customise with control

Use pre-populated metrics or customise your own metrics, run them on real data and visualise the results.

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Why choose Insight

Building on over 20 years of data-research innovation, MQD Insight is an efficient and elegant way to understand your markets of interest, providing unrivalled market intelligence and enabling the insights to develop optimal market design.

Unleash powerful, intuitive workflow

Import or connect to any data source across the MQD suite.

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MQD Insight in action

Case study 1 Is China on track to reshape the global oil market?
Case study 2 Uncovering the full impact of the Hazelwood Power Station closure.
Case study 3 How MiFID II has affected market quality.

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Share research outcomes

Share research outcomes

Generate research paper templates to assist with submissions or revisions, then share your code and results with collaborators.

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Expand your capability with the mqd.suite


Kickstart your next research paper, project or report by easily merging, identifying and managing data variables across databases and providers. Numbers facilitates data supply from Worldscope, IBES, TRTH, MQD Insight and Compustat and more.

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Seamlessly analyse a wealth of financial data using our powerful computing infrastructure. Get started in seconds from our library of pre-built metrics or write your own from scratch. Import your own data or connect to any data source in MQD Numbers. Generate beautiful reports, and then share your code and results with others.

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