Next-generation framework for financial market research

MQD Analytics allows users to import or connect to any data source available in the MQD Suite. In addition, you can ingest your own private data and execute our UPTICK metrics over your data. Analyse and share your findings with co-authors and colleagues.

Get started on your next research project without dealing with software or hardware set up. Scale up and down to suite your research needs and manage costs. Alternatively, if you would like assistance with your research output, the MQD team of programmers, statisticians and researchers provides services around metric development, data conversion and reporting templates.

MQD Analytics is powered by a cluster of over 2000 CPUs, 8 TB of RAM and 20 TB of fast access SSDs controlled by the latest Apache Mesos Cluster Manager. It runs over 2 million jobs per month, processing over a petabyte of financial data.

All workflow services run in high availability, redundant, self-healing configurations and all the datasets and results are saved in highly resilient storage ensuring 24/7 operation. Take advantage of a billing structure that minimises costs by taking advantage of efficient AWS infrastructure.

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With MQD Analytics, take the reins and create custom measures, report across the gambit of company and data available in today's complex financial markets, or import and analyse your own data.

MQD services

The MQD team provides the following consulting services which work in tandem with our PhD industry partner program:

  1. Bespoke reporting - Our team of experts can provide answers to your questions, deliver interactive results and deliver a platform to continuously update and share results.
  2. Metric development - Need a new metric, but have no time or capability to code? Our team of statisticians can optimise solutions and generate results, which are published to the MQD Suite.
  3. Private data conversion - Unfamiliar with a particular data format? Our team has written converters and translators across multiple platforms. We can ingest your confidential and novel data sets to merge it with other content sets and tools in MQD and make available to your clients.

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MQD Insight


A data intelligence technology that enables visualisation and interrogation of trading data, regulatory events, and market comparison of over 100 metrics in seconds to build event studies or complete pilot research.

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MQD Numbers


A data provision and management technology that provides access to rich data sources across multiple disciplines, merges data to unlock insights across content sets, and management of that data through our cloud infrastructure.

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MQD Analytics

A next-generation analytics tool for ingesting, processing and sharing of research output. Unleash the power of our workflow engine to seamlessly analyse a wealth of complex data using powerful cloud computing infrastructure.

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