The Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC) was established in 2001 and has become one of the world’s premier global cross-disciplinary industrial research centres combining finance, health, energy and other markets with data analytics centred around what we call
"The Market Quality Framework".

CMCRC Timeline

Track record of success - proven, credible + valuable

MQD is a third generation market solution developed by CMCRC

A world leader in market data research with a 19 year track record of delivering commercially valuable outcomes to demanding and world leading clients.

Our stakeholders established CMCRC to create a bridge between industry and academia. Continuously refined, we are now a global collaborative industrial research organisation.

Our research teams form an integral part of the R&D capability of many of the world's largest companies, exchanges, regulators and governments.

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MQD services

The MQD team provides the following consulting services which work in tandem with our PhD industry partner program:

  1. Bespoke reporting - Our team of experts can provide answers to your question, deliver interactive results and deliver a platform to continuously update and share results.
  2. Metric development - Need a new metric, but have no time or capability to code? Our team of statisticians can optimise solutions and generate results, which are published to the MQD Suite.
  3. Private data conversion - Unfamiliar with a particular data format? Our team has written converters and translators across multiple platforms. We can ingest your confidential and novel data sets to merge it with other content sets and tools available in MQD and make available to your clients.

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Why choose CMCRC?

CMCRC offers:

  • Immediate access to valuable and in-demand human capital, data and infrastructure.
  • Project teams who commence delivering value immediately, supported by research infrastructure and expert support teams that maintain output across your project journey.
  • World class experience in managing universities and industry to come together and realise synergies for real-world research with impact.


We make markets better