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In the field, classroom or lab, researchers need to source, visualise and analyse data. MQD Product Suite delivers an all fronts to empower users to uncover insights, create a new level of market intelligence and accelerate real-world research with impact.

MQD product suite

Introducing MQD

Regulators and investors want markets to be fair and efficient - but are they? The Market Quality Dashboard (MQD) is a suite of solutions and data management tools from the Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CMCRC) designed for academic and industry research into the fairness and efficiency of markets - what we call "Market Quality".

MQD Insight


A data intelligence technology that enables visualisation and interrogation of trading data, regulatory events, and market comparison of over 100 metrics in seconds to build event studies or complete pilot research.

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MQD Numbers


A data provision and management technology that provides access to rich data sources across multiple disciplines, merges data to unlock insights across content sets, and management of that data through our cloud infrastructure.

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MQD Analytics


A next-generation analytics tool for ingesting, processing and sharing of research output. Unleash the power of our workflow engine to seamlessly analyse a wealth of complex data using powerful cloud computing infrastructure.

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For academia

We know the importance of the accuracy and validity of research data, especially when the data (financial market trading data) is increasing in volume, velocity and complexity.

Use your time more efficiently by leveraging MQD technology to automate data management tasks, access over 100 pre-calculated metrics derived from academic literature and test hypotheses across multiple disciplines. MQD allows you to ingest and merge large volumes of data across providers to accelerate your academic output.

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For industry

Industry moves fast, and so do you. You need an easy-to-use interface that allows you to get a comprehensive overview of market design changes and comparisons within a few clicks, but also facilitates automated reporting and in-depth analysis.

The MQ Dashboard provides you with an array of all market design changes in a market place and a series of metrics representing the concepts of fairness and efficiency. You can visualise and inspect changes in measures to identify improvements or deterioration to market quality, pre and post market design changes of interest, to deliver evidence based decisions.

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For regulators

Are market design changes achieving their intended purpose of enhancing market quality?

Given the ever-changing technological and policy landscape over decades, it is more important than ever to use the latest technology to assist this process.

MQD is developed by CMCRC, which has honed its financial data analytics solutions nationally and internationally for over 19 years. CMCRC’s solutions have assisted various regulators with measuring fairness and efficiency. See our user case study.

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